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Username: AngelDog

Age: 16
About: i ♡ Kpop, Animals, Rain, Strawberries, Paws + Tails~ ;3 i h8 underwater, heights, homework, bananas = >^< = i can speak mandarin, cantonese, little korean ~ i kno how 2 play the violin & piano ~ My U-Tube Link is: youtube.com/user/AsianWolf2792 My Tumblr Link is: http://rainywolf.tumblr.com/ Thx 4 visiting my puricute ~ ! Leave a Comment and i will respond back ~ :3 Friend me and we will b good friends ~ ^^"
Gender: Female
Member Since: Aug, 2011
Profile View: 577 Time(s)

No Music Srry ~TT^TT

Quick Comments

Umichibi   (813 days ago)
I'm not in puricute so much time sorry~ so.. can u add me? www.facebook.co m/ UmikoNyanNyan
miobabylove   (833 days ago)
Hello... thank you for being my friend~ (^v^) thank you so much, your dogs are also adorable~ nice to meet you!
ChiiChan   (840 days ago)
*u* you're welcome~ miaw~♥ i'm not sure what ulzzang meant~??
ChiiChan   (842 days ago)
ε(≧ω≦)з hii~ i'm ChiiChan~ nyaaa~♥

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