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Username: KawaiiYume

Age: 18
From: sf, California United States
About: Hey!! ^^ Name: kelina Nickname: yume) Hii okaay lets see idk whatt to sayy hmm..I luv meetin new ppl and different styles and to draw anime ^^ I luv sweets yummz lol If idk u its alright if we talk im pretty suure will become friends I luv traveling like any where !! Im like a music mix luv any type of song as long it sounds good 2 me xp Interests: I'm intrested in U!!! I luvmeetin new ppl from all over the world!! I'm into Decora right now!! (harajuku/ japanese stuff / fashion)^^ I've been into decora for a while now ^^ Oh yeahh I luv mee some asian dramas ^^ And manga ^^I'm learining korean right now ^^ actually I've been learning korean for 2 years now :D ^^ xp TeeHee My tumblr X} http:// crazykawaiininja.tumblr.com/
Gender: Female
Member Since: Mar, 2011
Profile View: 1337 Time(s)

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cricri40   (663 days ago)
Hello yours purikuras are so great :)
evert   (808 days ago)
MissSugarCherry   (830 days ago)
Actually I Spent Christmas With My Family But New Years Was Better. Sorry For The Late Reply.
metangyang   (831 days ago)
aHa lols chyeaa.. that happens all the time xD i love to wear one color in one eye and a different one in the other eye..! :D

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