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Decadentia - Candy Cute Rave




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Username: Decadentia

Age: 21
From: Georgia, United States
About: I love Candy Rave, cyber cute, and rainbow colors! I write and design clothes and I love jrock (Byou-sama! yeah)! I also make cyberfalls and dreadfalls (the things you see on my head)! If you want some, just let me know~ I like to dress visual kei, oshare kei, lolita, and candy-cyber! Look out for my fashion label RebelBlack Ink, as (unofficially)approved by h.Naoto-san~ ;3 xD
Gender: Female
Member Since: Feb, 2011
Profile View: 317 Time(s)


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kizurixvk   (1107 days ago)
Haha. If i ever drove a truck, i would definitely hit other cars by accident. >_< Trucks are so big... i don't like driving near one. I Feel like the driver won't see me and will change lanes and crash into me haha
kizurixvk   (1111 days ago)
ooh~ i hope you make a safe trip
DeadMoonDreams   (1112 days ago)
I am good! :D How about you?
kizurixvk   (1112 days ago)
I'm from Illinois :D Uwaa~ Which state are you moving to?

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