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Username: jovanie

Age: 19
From: manila, Philippines
About: im jovanie nabong.. but you can call me van.. high school student.15 years old i really pay attention 2 those people hu loves me, IM SHY TYPE?!! ♥♥im not a perfect girl♥♥ my hair doesn't always stay in place and spill things a lot. im pretty clumsy.. and sometimes i have a broken heart my friends and sometimes fight and maybe some days nothing goes right.. but when i think about it.. and take a step back.. how remember how amazing life truly is and that maybe.. just maybe. i like being ♥♥unperfect♥♥ ^^
Gender: Female
Member Since: Nov, 2010
Profile View: 1542 Time(s)

Quick Comments

cricri40   (667 days ago)
hello how are you?
cricri40   (684 days ago)
thx for the add
ultizimo   (865 days ago)
Thnx 4 the add! ;3
ChiiChan   (924 days ago)
>w< hii~ i'm ChiiChan~ nyaaa~♥

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its me♥♥