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Username: MaruChanX3

Age: 16
From: Netherlands
About: HI! I'm Margot from the Netherlands, don't know if you know that country... SOO what was I gonna say.. Ohjeeah! To start: I LOVE Japan!! ^^ and South-Korea too afcourse! and I really really really love SHINee, and my favorite is Key, I love him soooo much! KEY OPPA, SARANGHEA!! =^w^= Andd me and my friend iris, we have a band, Called: FRUITPANIC! soooo I learn playing the elektric guitar from my dad, and I play the violin for ehmm I think seven years, i like to play anime theme's and japanese music at the violin, and afcourse I love watching anime, I have the ouran High School Host Club series at Home, and death note and zombie loan, and boogiebob phantom, and vampire knight :3. Oh, and and I'm following HipHop lessons, for one and a half year. and oh yehh, I have brown hair and green eyes! so I think that this is it.. >w< Soooo you now know what I do and like.!
Gender: Female
Member Since: Nov, 2010
Profile View: 614 Time(s)

Quick Comments

cricri40   (667 days ago)
hello how are you?
cricri40   (685 days ago)
thx for the add
ziuzijin1234   (901 days ago)
hi thanks for the add, how are you? :D
ChiiChan   (939 days ago)
>w< hii~ i'm ChiiChan~ nyaaa~♥

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