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KawaiiAmii - Konnichiwa!♥




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Username: KawaiiAmii

Age: 17
From: Kabul, Afghanistan
About: Konnichiwa! I'm a 14 girl that loves East Asia! I'm living in Sweden. I love Asians/Manga/Anime/Manwha!! :D♥ Well... Let's be friends! ^^ ~♥~ Baii Baii! ~♥~
Gender: Female
Member Since: Oct, 2010
Profile View: 673 Time(s)

Maii Muzik

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Jayl0v3r   (367 days ago)
oh lol i dont really listen to the new generation idols its mostly old songs im listening to i dont even know n e new generation idols haha my favorite group as of right now is CNBLUE i absolutely love them and i hope they'll come to new york for their world tour :3
Jayl0v3r   (425 days ago)
i do,i like sistar a bit but im a huge fan i barely know them lol i stopped watching debuts a long time ago around 2009 or so when evrything exploded in kpop so many groups came out dat i just gave up lol but i do listen to a couple of songs from sistar my fave one so far is 'Loving U' :3 hbu?
Jayl0v3r   (427 days ago)
OMG Taeyang i used to be OBSESSED with him,i was a stalker haha and yeaah snsd i like how they dont just have one look,they do all :3 compared to other groups dat just stick w one image for their whole careers
Jayl0v3r   (430 days ago)
Lol she is x3 and i listen to a couple of songs from them im not a hardcore VIP though i really miss their old days like 'A fool's online tears' 'lalala' 'last farewell' i miss them like dat lol but i do still like,just not like before ^^ hbu?

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