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aishiteruariel - hello ^^




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Username: aishiteruariel

Age: 22
From: Virginia, United States
About: Hi hii!! I am 19 year old college student very interested in Asian culture ^^ - but I'm a mechanical engineer! I enjoy reading lots and lots of manga - especially shoujo - and origami ^^ I love making new friends, so feel free to add me ^_~ Please check out my blog that I work hard to keep up ^^ - aishiteruariel.blogspot.com and aishiteruariel.tumblr.com
Gender: Female
Member Since: Sep, 2010
Profile View: 764 Time(s)


Quick Comments

MilkCrayons   (130 days ago)
Sweet name! Mine is Kisha:)
MilkCrayons   (131 days ago)
Hi! Nice to meet you too! Whats your name?:)
xJNFR   (942 days ago)
sorry for the late reply! > < andd nice to meet you too hunz ;D ~ how ya doing? ^^ xx
ppiya~~   (985 days ago)
nice to meet u too :) whats ur name?

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