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Sarahbeara - Can't wait to be a redhead. ^w^




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Username: Sarahbeara

Age: 18
From: candyland!!, Illinois United States
About: Im Sarah. There's not much to me. I like pretty much every type of music ever. 80's; Rap; Some Pop; (Just about all) EDM; Alternative; Metal; Screamo; Plus I like Pokemon. But who doesn't? If you wanna make a new friend, message me, cause I can be a good listener, I get told I'm funnilicious, and I'm good at relating to people. But If you're on my bad side in real life, don't even bother. If you don't know me, you're ight. I'll give you chances. It can be hard to get on my bad side, but once you're there you stay there. So be my friend and I'll be an angel! Don't start drama with me, and I'll comfort you if you have personal drama. Build up the nerve to message me and start a conversation, I'll reply and our friendship starts there. ^-^ But if you wanna message me about how messy my hair looks or how 'poser' I am, save it for someone who cares. ;p
Gender: Female
Member Since: Jun, 2010
Profile View: 1218 Time(s)

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miobabylove   (926 days ago)
Hi~ thank you for adding me. Nice to meet you~!
kotoha   (940 days ago)
HI!! thank you 4 the add! where are you from?
l3al3yMafia   (944 days ago)
∧∧ (・ェ・) thanks for the add~★
lemonademegan   (945 days ago)
Thanks for the add~! xoxo

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