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sourpatchgirly - i heart making friends!! *wink wink*




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Username: sourpatchgirly

Age: 18
From: California, United States
About: why do u want 2 know...? o_O el-oh-el!!! um, i'll tell u anyway. i am 14 years old. i want to be a fashion designer when i am able to get a job. i like to read and have fun. i totally heart candy, chocolate... well, pretty much any form of sweet stuff. i like 2 make friends, and i'd love to be urs! so add me if u like. =]
Gender: Female
Member Since: May, 2010
Profile View: 1259 Time(s)

i heart music!

Quick Comments

ilkeadam   (995 days ago)
thanks for accepting me♥
hercymonroe   (1027 days ago)
thanks for the add~★
xa01h1m3x   (1037 days ago)
thanks for accepting! what's up?
recel manuit   (1037 days ago)
"tnx:) nice to meet u:)

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My Familyyy =]

news- i got braces!

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lol! SO FUNNY!!! XD

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