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MissKawaiiMisa - ~Miss Kawaii~




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Username: MissKawaiiMisa

Age: 22
From: Seoul, Korea (S) Republic of Korea
About: im [lalala] Misa Lee. i alwayss have been, && i always will be :3. I fall for people wayy to easily! But I gotta good head on my shoulders, so I wouldn't trust yourself. if you sweet talk me i'll most likely become your bestfriend X3. I'm veryyy sneaky. I'll leave without letting you know ~^^. I'm a really sweet girl.. but i'm always in trouble at home /: I really enjoy school, and reading. probaly more than anyone ^^. && did i mention?; imma sucker for scary stories. I love to smile & laugh! almost as much as i love playing charades :D. & I like people with personalities who are funny!ive really changed alot; I am not a fighter anymore
Gender: Female
Member Since: May, 2010
Profile View: 1166 Time(s)

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hinatakun   (560 days ago)
MsRaraWu   (1021 days ago)
hello there~
RAWRRsana   (1209 days ago)
Thanks for accepting!~ ♥ Merry Christmas and sorry for the late reply~ Dx..
wuchanzygui   (1210 days ago)

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