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hinarin - hina at your service :3




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Username: hinarin

Age: 17
About: ♡PROFILE♡ hey~ im hina Yuuchi but you can call me hina my emotions change that really fast but i can handle it im a kind person and sort of shy person uhmm btw im 14 yrs old an im becoming a junior high well i live in philippines ~im learning nihongo *self study*~ i love everything about japan and i go to convention sometimes i also love to draw some cute doodles! ★likes★ *cute stuffs* food: sweets such as cakes, lollipops and chocolates drink: coffee jelly *starbucks*, chocolate milk shake sports: swimming, soccer, volleyball, badminton, gymnastic singer: hey say jump*chinen yuri*, kattun, arashi, news, nyc, BI shadow, V6, aquatimez, otsuka ai, yui, yui aragaki, aya hirano, nana kitade tv series: 14 sai no haha, sh15uya, geki koi, 1 liter of tears, koisora, 1 pound no fukuin, sensei wa erai, scrap tearchers, gokusen*1,2,3* movies: nanako to nanao, my sister my love, death note, cyborg she, hidarime tantei eye anime: lovcom, d gray man, death note, gakuen alice,katekyo hitman reborn, school rumble, special A, soul eater, azumanga daioh .✖_✖.dislikes.✖_✖. *serious person* *idiotic* *poser* *annoying* *no fun* ☮add me please☮ ♫see me♫ *some of those site..i dont really use for now..* facebook, twitter, poupeegirl, tinierme, veoh, jamlegend, friendster,formspring, plurk & meebo *hinarin_cute@yahoo.com* *XxhinachanxX*
Gender: Female
Member Since: Mar, 2010
Profile View: 2242 Time(s)


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cricri40   (667 days ago)
yours purikura are so great :)
Music_Bando09   (1018 days ago)
What is new with you?
cosplaylicious   (1021 days ago)
Showing love! Thanks for the add! :D
Reikoni   (1052 days ago)
thanks for accepting :D how are u?

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