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Username: Emiih

Age: 22
From: Blumenau, Santa Catarina Brazil
About: . Hello =^^= *Hugs hugs hugs* I love animals. I like anime, manga, music (J-rock and K-pop) Heavy metal and music class. :D I love Cupckaes and sweets. ;3 Chocolate is my passion. *----* And I love my boyfriend, Erik! And He is very cuuuute! My tv series are: Gossip Girl, Glee, One Tree Hill, Dr.House and kdabra! @: It's just giving me a big hug and a really sweet Hi! ^^
Gender: Female
Member Since: Mar, 2010
Profile View: 1417 Time(s)

Tchubaruba Music

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alienbaby242   (555 days ago)
fun puricutes!
cricri40   (665 days ago)
Yours purikura are so great!!
Music_Bando09   (1016 days ago)
What's new with you?
Reikoni   (1038 days ago)
thanks for accepting! how are u?

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Emiih says:

Cute-cute ^^

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Tchubaruba-love ^^

~ xLovex -

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Tchubaruba Emiih