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Gdragonlove - Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die




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Username: Gdragonlove

Age: 23
From: Ewa Beach, Hawaii United States
About: My Name is Chelsea...Half Filipina Half Italian. ALL GDRAGONS LOVER. jk AHAHHA!! uh, I have a strange infatuation with hair...hahaa and scent..i love Big bang and DBSK like crazy, and alot of other korean music. I know more about that then i should...hahaha uhmm i live in Hawaii..yeah it sucks...I like asian bad boys? with pretty hair and ears pierced? lmfao. I have facebook if you wanna find me on there? if you had time to read this i guess you must really wanna know about me. to find me on there you can add/search for "bloodtal0n@yahoo.com" (talon with a zero!) thats about it :) I think! "always keep the faith!" DBSK FOREVER5! AIM= STEALyourMISERY :) or DongBangKinki
Gender: Female
Member Since: Feb, 2010
Profile View: 788 Time(s)

Strong Baby

Quick Comments

xoxkenziexox   (1450 days ago)
hey hey...long time no chat. What you up to?
NabiChouko   (1467 days ago)
Where are you hidinggggg? T^T
ThreeFatSamurai   (1484 days ago)
Chels, what does points do?
xoxkenziexox   (1486 days ago)
OK! So for some reason I can't add your new messanger. Mine keeps saying something like "it is not a .net email and therefore is invalid" Totally lame.

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