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Username: mikanu

Age: 21
From: manila, Philippines
About: ♥ ♪♫♪過去に私たちが失敗しなかったイエスキリストは、将来的に 私たちが失敗しませ :¨`·.·´¨: `·. :¨`·.·´¨: . . . `·. ★ Ü && ME★ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ /(,") ♥ (¨.) ./♥. ♥ /█. Hi !I’m Lady Mikan—or Mai-chan, as everyone calls me---petite, vogue ,reserved, nonchalant, bright-eyed girl with a shy manner and “powerful voice” ◕‿◕ [as my professors and classmates often remarks]. I’m a BOOKWORM that’s why if you are a close friend of mine, in real world, you’ll probably see me reading a book,….or scribbling….or texting…..or face booking ( ̄▽ ̄) I’m kind of a BOOK-A-HOLIC, to my friends great annoyance , cause whenever I’m in the mall, I’ll drag them to the nearest bookstore and then we will spend HOURS of looking for a good book to read and to buy(but actually I’m the only one who’s enjoying book hunting XD and my friends will repeatedly implore me to go somewhere else and stop me from buying costly books that I fancy). I also love scribbling, so, yup, I do have written a story which I entitled “ZINNIA”(my first ever fantasy book) , and now I’m currently working on my 2nd chronicle, that I think I would entitled, “THE GREAT ALTERATION”….I’m always in the BUSY-BEE-SOCIETY cause I’m always doing something..I’m an officer in our school’s org., and a Queen bee to my friends ( ̄▽ ̄). Despite of being a “Queen Bee” to my friends, sometimes, I’m aloof with others and I prefer to be alone..reading a book, hahaha :D or chatting with some”ONE” ^_^ I have a huge appetite but my friends wouldn’t believe it, cause they say I’m slender…BUT..I always eat something so that I’ll plump but nothing works! ,to my friends great envy☆〜.. My forte is speaking so you bet, you’ll always see me on a symposium, debate, or a speech choir. I love learning the metalanguage and linguistics!!! (´∀`=) .. my WATERLOO???..anything that has to do with calculations and equations! Duh?! I mean, come on, we don't need to make an algebraic equation when you're just buying something on a boutique! (・□・;). But I’m a critical thinker and mentally challenge when it comes to board games like DAMATH , CHESS , WORD FACTORY and such things which I excel . Hmm..what else?? (−_−;) oh! I almost forgot! I’m a CLOSET-OTAKU! (=´∀`) hahahahaha!! My friends wouldn’t believe that I’m an avid fan of anime cause they see me as a very prim and proper lady whose very mindful of manners XD but YES I’m an OTAKU!!!I even joined some contest before in Cospaly Events in Mega Manila! (; ̄◇ ̄)┘ Queer isn’t it?^__^ well, that’s all for now! ja matta!(っˆ•ˆ) █│|| █│║▌║││█║▌│║▌║ © Original Profile
Gender: Female
Member Since: Feb, 2010
Profile View: 2150 Time(s)

Sakura Kiss

Quick Comments

jegiardina   (196 days ago)
love your purikura!!
mikanu   (345 days ago)
Life is better when you're smiling. :>
Nigatsu__   (485 days ago)
no problem, nice to meet you!
chessy28   (632 days ago)
you're welcome^^

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