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Username: Suteishi

Age: 27
From: Japan
About: I live in Japan now, moved here recently. I really like Japanese rock music, listening to music & I also like singing. I like fashion like hime gyaru, gyaru, classical and gothic lolita, dolly kei fashion. I like making crafts, sewing, etc. ______________________________ My favorite jrock bands (not in any particular order): Rin/Lin, Satsuki, DELUHI, the GazettE, Luzmelt, 12012, Heartless, -OZ-, v[neu], Baelscope, Acid Black Cherry, DuelJewel, Vistlip, Rentrer en soi, SID, 176BIZ, Jackman, Lost Ash, Braze A Trail, Clear Veil, D=OUT, Castlevania OST's, harpsichord, piano, classical music etc.
Gender: Female
Member Since: Feb, 2010
Profile View: 1351 Time(s)

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chessy28   (623 days ago)
thank you^^
cricri40   (665 days ago)
yours purikura are so great :)
Daril   (670 days ago)
Hello~ ^w^
kiiwiilove   (846 days ago)

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