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Username: amai106

Age: 18
From: Georgia, United States
About: I luv shonen anime, but i do like watching shojo somtimes. I've always wanted to own a couple of lolita dresses, but i cant afford any at this time. Im friendly,kind and easy to get along with. ^_^ I also listen to underground hip-hop(luvs it) i'd have to say j-pop(m-flo,crystal kay,lisa,emyli,bennie k,dj kawasaki,lena fuji, chihiro, vocaloid, aural vampire, emi hinouchi, etc) is one of my favorite genres,j-rock.(uverworld,back- on,abingdon boy school,mucc, etc) i like other genres like k-pop,house lounge,drum & bass, soul, salsa,dance, etc. Drawing is my passion since i was 4;i really enjoy it! ^_^ i luv video games too. Most people dont understand me because i like different things then other people,they think im weird but,i take it as a compliment. My dream is to become a graphic designer so i hope to improve my drawing skills more; they're a little rusty,lolz whelpz, thats all i think, hope to have many friends on here. Thank you for reading, i know its long ^_^
Gender: Female
Member Since: Jan, 2010
Profile View: 1457 Time(s)

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cricri40   (663 days ago)
Hello yours purikuras are so great :)
Llc123   (861 days ago)
nice pics =)
wuchanzygui   (1138 days ago)
kpopfreakghecky   (1140 days ago)
nice knowing u ashley :D im ghecky :3

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