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petit_heart - Sleep and forget till eternity.




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Username: petit_heart

Age: 22
From: New York, United States
About: Seventeen years of age, a girl and a Aries. Drawing, Sewing, Writing, Dancing and Laughing is my favorite past time. I love cute magazines like Zipper and Scawaii. I love organizing by monthly schedule book, buying clothes on Sale at TOPSHOP and coordinating a new look after being inspired. I am awfully scared of bugs, but I can get over them like an instant if I have to.
Gender: Female
Member Since: Jan, 2010
Profile View: 1535 Time(s)

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cricri40   (663 days ago)
Hello yours purikuras are so great :)
jHoii   (1254 days ago)
no problem. ☻
Jenesis10   (1386 days ago)
2wenty1   (1386 days ago)
hi! how are you??? ^^

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