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Username: AIYuwei

Age: 18
From: New York, United States
About: Hi there! I live in New York State and I love making friends. I've been interested in Japanese culture(even though I'm Chinese) ever since my Japanese friend made me watch anime with her ^^" I love crafts and drawing~ --LIST OF FAVORITES- Food: Rice Candy: Milk Candies.. Show: Journey to the West/μ Animal: Pig Color: White/Red/Black/Blue Book: "Fly by Night" by Frances Hardinge
Gender: Female
Member Since: Nov, 2009
Profile View: 767 Time(s)

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jhielyn duenas   (957 days ago)
hi .. how are you?
kotoha   (1131 days ago)
HI!! thank you 4 the add,where are you from?
AiniAishah97willmissyou   (1131 days ago)
MiyakoTheStrange   (1432 days ago)
Thx for approve me love~! ♥ ◕ ◡ ◕

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