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Username: wateria1996

Age: 17
From: Calgary, Alberta Canada
About: Hi, This is wateria1996 and i love to make friends, watch animes, edit pics, watch tv, read, draw, eat, sleep, and i like to create cute stuff, and make people SMILE instead of making them sad. I came to to canada to visit different people and go travel around different places which are located in Canada, I even like people who are nice, and i love reading novels and i love other things. I hate bad stuff which happens everywhere and thats not very nice Bad stuff should be STOPPED! i have to be safe online which is a good thing. I sometimes get sad, angry and upset and i dont like it and i really hate getting sad, angry and also upset. If you would like to add me please feel free. i am not forcing you to add me, and i dont need alot of friends either i have gotten plenty of friends and i like them alot. Anyways see you guys later :)
Gender: Female
Member Since: Nov, 2008
Profile View: 840 Time(s)

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MilkCrayons   (93 days ago)
What anime's are good?:) I think we have one anime DVD at home thats about a spirit mind I havnt watched it:P
MilkCrayons   (94 days ago)
I think it looks amazing! I dont really like watch it or draw it tho::P
MilkCrayons   (95 days ago)
No problem, thanks for accepting:D I am good thnk you, and you?:)
samantha1995   (739 days ago)
hi :D I'm okay thank you ^^ how about you ?

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