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Cherryponponpon - welcummyy to ma profile~!!




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x_Ma Lost World_x
Jun 08, 2012

see these clouds goin around

time iz goin so fast

World iz spinnin like crazy

mama,, papa !!

can yaa hear me

Im here alone

lookin around thiz fool place

iz there anyone

who could help me out

let me out

let me go now

dun force me stay

I dun hava place here

let me juzz go

Im too tired to be here

Im angry to everyone who r here

I wanna go

let me go

ma head gettin more & more dizzy every day

juzz wonderin who am I

why am I here

what iz The reason of thiz

who told me to born here

here,, where I dun hava anythin

empty words runnin in ma head every day

sayin "dun wori,, everythin gonna be oke"

I dun believe anymore

I juzz wanna GO

let me out

let me go now

dun force me stay

I dun hava place here

let me juzz go

dragons screamin,, sufferin

let them go

dun keep them in Hell's flames

plzz Devil emperor

let us fly together away

dun torture us anymore

plzzz...Im beggin yaa emperor

bowin under ur feets

red dragons cryin blood for yaa

let us go now

plzzz..reprieve us now

ps, written by ME


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