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with D=OUT in love~ and so on xDD sorry for that late reply!!
Jun 01, 2010

(D=OUT~ =*)

hum~ i m SOOOO~ excited! tomorrow i will go to the colonge concert of D=OUT. ~ i love them so much, hut the only band thing is: i have got school till 4.30 pm... and the concert begins at 8 pm (but at 7 pm we can go in) Oo hum~ but tomorrow i will see dauto live~ *sparkle*

saturday i was on the japanday un duesseldorf. it was a big live event, where in the whole city all things go around japan. its every year ?so.. this year the jeally beans were here too^^ so, i had finished my first lolita cosplay too~ and i was stressed about it.. so i can reply today.. not the other days before ^^

.. u know?? since friday i m 16 years old ^^


ChiiChan   (1384 days ago)
=^^= thats sound fun~ wish you have a good time~ meow~♥

faerieaa   (1415 days ago)
have fun!

sunniee   (1415 days ago)
happy belated birthday and b happy always....

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