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i know this is not cute but u have to know
Nov 30, 2011 (edited Dec 01, 2011 | 9:19 am)

also search on youtube about fluoride in toothpaste and in tap water.(there's even bottle water for infants called nursery that contain added flouride)also search about BPA on plastics, usually bottles with a sign in the bottom of a recycle triangle and a number 2 is safe 4 is normal but dont store or microwave food on those plastics unless is a BPA free container,cause the toxins when heat up escape the plastic and penetrate the food as well when you store for a long time,so mostly use glass,porcelain bowls or cups,any metal pantry etc also some food in cans contain white plastic liners inside like on soup or veggies ,if you buy vegetables get the frozen bag instead,also search about mercury on tuna fish ad on vaccines,...the FDA "federal drug administration" knows about this facts but the government has to control the population somehow so they let tobacco,and legal drugs with bad side effects to make people sick so they have to spend money to buy the drugs and pay the hospitals, mostly with credit that helps the federal drug administration to keep the cycle, search also about cellular phone radiation that have caused cancer in some people in the area around the ear


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