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Anneyong Haseyo
Aug 25, 2011

I am not a big fan of K-pop and K-drama but because my very good friend said it's amazing,I will try it! Listening to SNSD,and I really like this band! ^^ I also watched the traditional-korean serial on TV. It's every day and I kind of like it. I also watched Oh!My school on KBS world,it was ok.


Berriixluv   (960 days ago)
yaaaa thankchoo

amane sama   (960 days ago)
I'm a kpop addict :P Bands like Big Bang,Shinee,2ne1 and F(x) are really good

Panchi-Chan   (964 days ago)
You should watch Playful Kiss.. I'm not a big fan of Korean stuff (no offence!) but this K-Drama is really cool. :D

rakuin   (965 days ago)
I actually didnt like K-pop at all first, but after hearing G-dragon and big bang, I now like it~~ But Im not a k-fangirl :,,,D My friend got me like them too, eaven when I resisted the power of korean dance boy groups over a year TwT

Natalicious   (965 days ago)
You should try listening to 2ne1 and BigBang ^__^

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