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Wholly Moley Guys!
Jul 14, 2010

(I could almost swing for joy!)

I passed my behind-the-wheel exam for my driver's license today! (I tried earlier this year but failed and my first permit expired.) I had an appointment at 9:15 AM but I decided to get to the DMV ASAP. That was crazy-it wasn't open yet and to add to the long line on a growing hot day, a crazy preacher man kept yelling at everyone standing in line that the return of Christ was near and that we needed to save ourselves.

Finally, I got in line behind 2 other cars. I got a bit nervous since the first car came back before I took off for my exam and the girl who tested had failed. Then the proctor who tested her came around to my car to test me. It's crazy how my foot was shaking as I stepped on the accelerator to go at one point. But once we returned to the DMV, I was told that I had passed!

4 points were taken off my score but overall, he was impressed. He even wrote Good Job on my score sheet!


NabiChouko   (1370 days ago)
Lol, the return of Christ is near. XD Congrats on passing!! :D

SuperPotpurri   (1370 days ago)
Crazy preacher guy XDDD But wow! Congratulations! C:

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