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Puricute Users: Please Watch out
Aug 03, 2010

If someone sends you a private message (And it is someone you don't know) asking you to send them your email address or asking you to email their address, don't do it. There are people creating accounts here and fishing for emails. I have googled the email of one of the people who has sent me one of these PMs via Puricute and they have sent the same message to various other people on other websites. This person is flagged as a PM scammer. Please be careful, darlings. I don't want to see any of you get hurt because you trusted a total stranger.


Noira   (1319 days ago)
@ Natashakiable18 There are still lots of people who actually don't know and will give away their address. So it's just fine mentioning that you shouldn't do so.

PurplePandas   (1321 days ago)
oh wow the same thing happened to me but i wouldn't give them my e-mail glad for that i thought it was weird to cuz' they were presistent!

x.strawberry.x.heaven.x   (1341 days ago)
aww, thank you for posting this =D I got an email like that about a month ago and I said for the lolz I'd email them back :p I think the name was 'vivianbaby' so if you get a pm from her, DO NOT GIVE HER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS D:

iemokashi   (1347 days ago)
oh thanks a bunch!!! that happened to me Dx

NabiChouko   (1352 days ago)
:O Okay, thanks for the warning!

sappphire   (1353 days ago)
thanks for the warning, ^u^

Natashakiable18   (1353 days ago)
OBVIOUSLY! I am sure a lot of people know that they shouldn't give out their e-mail without knowing the person!

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