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Confusing to me...
May 05, 2010

Why are there so many accounts on this site of people claiming to be someone they aren't? Many of them claim to be the same people. They use the photos, use the person's name... But for some reason the ages are almost always wrong. Which makes it obvious. I am very sad about this situation. People should be happy with who they are. If you don't think you're good enough, work on improving yourself instead of just pretending to be someone else. Everyone has potential if they take the time to put it to good use. *Nod* It makes me sad to see people suffering so much that they feel they have to hide behind a false persona (And stolen ones are the worst because the actual person then becomes a victim)... I suppose I'm just babbling on now... Oh well.


CielNeo   (1438 days ago)
I agree too, lots pretends to be the person on their pictures like this film : Castaway on the moon :)

lemonademegan   (1441 days ago)
What do you mean exactly by this.... Like they hide behind persona's of everyday ppl or celebrities b/c I know a lot of ppl put celeb photos up b/c they're fans but... yeah I have noticed some ppl not really adding pix of themselves or stuff like that....... :/

keymon17   (1442 days ago)
i agree, high five*! lol

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