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Bad Customer Service
Jun 20, 2010

I received a card in the mail from Anthropologie for my birthday which contained a necklace in the shape of a birthday candle and a discount for my entire purchase on anything in the store during June.

There's a romper/jumper I really liked that looks 50s-esque. It was on sale from $68 to $39.95 but with my discount, it brought the jumper/romper to $36+ with tax. I drove to a store where I saw the romper and asked 3 clerks there whether they had it. The first girl directed me to the area where I would find it. I searched for it carefully but was unsuccessful. I asked another girl if she could look in the system to check other Anthropologie stores for me. She kept repeating that the best bet was to check online for it. She seemed too lazy to search the computer database for other stores carrying it. Then I talked to the girl hanging up the rejects in the dressing room holding area and she happily offered to take a look for me. It was nowhere to be found and she was very sad that she couldn't help me.

I then went to another store to check for it. Mind you, this one was quite a drive away. (The first one was in Carlsbad while the other was near La Jolla.) The clerk there politely checked the system and found that Carlsbad indeed had some. She then offered to call their store for me which I had her do. Once she got off the phone, they had found the romper in a size small. So lucky me, I drove back to Carlsbad to try it on. The girl who had the romper on hold was the manager. Just my luck, the manager happened to be the useless second clerk I spoke with about checking the database for other stores who could possibly have the romper. >.<

The romper fit but the original tags were missing and sloppy, handwritten ones claimed that I was holding a size small. In the end, I resorted to buying a small and medium to try on at home from their online store.


milk22810   (1397 days ago)
I agree they should have done a better job, especially at a store like Anthropologie. But, I also worked in retail so I know how the clerks are probably thinking. Either way, there are some really helpful workers and some that really need to find somewhere else to work that doesn't involve customer interaction.

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