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milkychii's PuriPosts

May 17, 2011

o-ok, im a bit nervous but i uploaded some dubs on youtube !
i 'm not a beyonce or anything so please don 't expect a beautiful piece. x3
anyways yeah
check out my youtube acc ~!


Feb 26, 2011 (edited Feb 26, 2011 | 9:18 pm)

(random ~)

so i went to the sanrio store ( all the way in tampa 8 - 8 )
and got 200 dollars worth of cuuute sanrio things. @ w @
i LOVE kiki and lala so i got a whole bunch of kiki and lala pens and notebooks and stuff
i got this really cute choco hellokitty pen but i stepped on it and it broke. . > 3 >
that made me sad ~ (but i can fix it with glue!)
i got this cute backpack and water bottle that I LOVE. >///<
i got a bento box, and a fork and spoon set ~
i got lipglosses / other random but cute things.
sorry for rambling. . but im so happy! kyuuu ~~
anyways, ummmm. bye. o - o
oh yeah, i also got this CUTE juicy couture purse.
it was EXPENSIVE but worth it, i think. .
( i love juicy couture )

Feb 14, 2011

happy v-day > n <
i dont have a special someone . . so this day doesn't mean much to me right now
but i wish i did * sigh * mmm ; - ;
anyways ~ baii and milky wishes you a good valentines day filled with luuv ^ ^