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nadylovesu - HEY OO!! whazzup (^-^)v let's be friends...




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nadylovesu's PuriPosts

Jan 20, 2012

...iwas away for quite a long time.. .__. sorry guys >< thanks to all who added me!! but i can't reply cause it's too much >

Feb 19, 2011

hey guys ^.^
tonoght i started with pen spinning :DDD i only practiced for about 10 to 20 minutes but it's so much fun :3333 i think i'm gonna spent so much time with that now >DD kekeke is anobody else pen spinning? :333
ah!...and feel free to add me x333

Feb 13, 2011

this evening my friend and i sat in the park...she said to me: look..someone is coming there! i turned around and then i asked: is he hiding begind the bush? :O and then we heard him peeing XDDD that was so funny >DD after he went away we bursted into laugh ...lol...wtf?? XDD

Feb 12, 2011


Feb 12, 2011

thispisses me so off! DDD:< erverytime my parents and my big brother are angry i'm the one who is at fault >:(((( everytime it's me! this makes me so angry! DD:< why is it ALWAYS me???