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Kurumi Sawako's PuriPosts

Mar 28, 2011

Thanks for accepting my friend request..

Please comment me after accepting my friend request, so that I can meet all of you..

Coz sometimes, I dont know those people who accept my friend request..

Please, coz i want to meet all of you, and I wannt to have more friends here in Puricute..



Mar 28, 2011

Ooohhh.. I hate these slow internet connection.. It takes, I think 5 minutes to take me to Puricute, and another 5 minutes for every comment..

Why is this internet connection is so slow...


Mar 28, 2011

Last Friday, is our farewell party together with my classmates and our adviser..
But unfortunately our adviser didn't come, because of a n emergency meeting.. And some of our friends didnt go..

But I had a lot of fun, because I met my classmates again, especially those who are important to me, who are my best friends..

I'm soo happy that day..

Mar 23, 2011 (edited Mar 23, 2011 | 7:56 am)

Im soo excited of the summer vacation, but dont like the weather it will be definitely be hot..

I am just excited becoz i have 2 months to rest and stay away from studying.. :D

although its vacation, still lots to do in the house, especially the chores that are assigned to you.. :(

but I think i'll just enjoy it..

Enjoy your summer vacation or spring vacation out there...


Mar 21, 2011

(Thank you!!)


Thanks for all your comment in my puripost, "Why Cant I make a Puricute pic?"...

Now I can able to make a photo..

A while ago I tried to make a photo if I can:
I click the Browse button, and enter my picture, and it directly goes to 100% and fortunately it didn't stock to 0%, and then, taddaaa!!!

I had made one photo..

I post it in this puripost and made it as my profile pic.. :3

Thank you so much!!