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lykaloves's PuriPosts

Jun 21, 2011

hardly goin on dis site atm only fb n i dnt edit anymore sowi if u want me to edit jst ask me n comment me on dis site so i can edit for u den u upload ur pic urself..

cya around

Nov 05, 2010

jst uploadin any random picz buh if u want any editions plz comment me =)
ill edit ur picz

Oct 02, 2010

tumblr? www.lykalicious.tumblr.com
blogtv? blogtv.com/mzlykaa
facebook? www.facebook.com/bbylclicious
add me if u want buh im still uploadin more picz soon

Sep 19, 2010

i wont be commentin bak ppl coz im jst editin coz i use to comment bak buh not anymore coz i use facebook more den puricute... sowi ppls :[

Jul 22, 2010

yes i am coz i loved dis guy he adores me so much n i always treasure him from da bottom of my heart...
i will wait till da tht time is rite patt..