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SteffChii's PuriPosts

Mar 18, 2010

o_o ok! I don't have more life! ;~ Work is finish with me D= It's so hard and cruel! ;-;

But, I Like! xD the guys from work are do lovely and cool *u*~ I just want receive payment... *u* MONEY!

Well... after tomorrow is my formature... My dress is the best and red *u* omfg... I LOVE red! x)
When I get a picture with that, I post here ;D~


BYE loves

Mar 09, 2010

x) Hey There...

How are you? Yesterday I only sleep D= First week of works, tires =|
This in picture is Niele.... One elf of Brazilian HQ, Holy Avenger. =3
The history passes in a world call Arton... A world where the GODS of RPG... Sszzaass is god of lie, Alihanna is god of nature, Nimb is god of thieves, and much more... In total, are 20 gods...
Lizandra is daugther of one of these gods... Is nature lover... Until find Arton Paladino, to the side of the death... Then, she goes to a journey, to recoup the rubies of the virtue (one for each god, that it contains its powers), for give life and power for Paladino again. But is everything lie.... after all, is only a plan for Sszzass come back to the pantean of gods =3

Is a longer history...but very good!

And Niele, is a elf of this history... A elf, with power of Sszzaass, love of Winna (god of magic) and best friend of Lisandra... And... erm... with a big bobbies too xD haha


PS: This is my draw of she, ok?

Mar 07, 2010

One time per month, I REALLY hate be a woman D= My body hurt i_i And I want take off my uterus of me D= Is bad, really bad ;_;

I want get out, but anyone online to talk and leave to me ._. Sad

And, I like my new work... It's cool =3~ And the guys is pure love

Mar 04, 2010

ok... it's nerd time!

How I said in the other post, I make a cosplay of Cyndaquil (the image of she is in my photos xD)...

BUT... The Pokemons in Human Form is SO CUTE! I want make puris with them D= but... which? D=

So... say me a pokemons name, for i'm use in my puricutes *u*~


kisses ;*

Mar 02, 2010

o_o Hi people xD~

o_o After tomorrow I start job =D I'm SO happy...

Is cold in here... I'm make a hot chocolate *u* sooo good....
And "eat" a soup too ("eat"... 'cause is more drink... hehe x.x)...
But i'm cold ;-;
I'm go to shower, with a hot water and go to bed see House M.D. ;D

In this cold time, I only want eat and sleep ._. (ok... I want this everyday o-o but in cold, is more u_?

oks people =D