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husker's PuriPosts

Apr 16, 2013

And i cant get up ...i feel so fat...ug...

Mar 23, 2013 (edited Mar 23, 2013 | 2:13 am)

In my opinion Will i am from black eyed peas killed 2ne1's kpop style of music and made them outsiders.... even when they were not in need of help or influence from outside Korea " because they had fame already" plus Teddy & G-dragon help i guess ...the crossover to english didnt really needed to happen ...and actually didnt ...but made 2ne1 disappeared from the spotlight and korean tv shows like invincible youth or idols get togethers ...after all this time all they came up with was a song that sound just like black eyed peas....so simple and generic that i think i could have made with reason software ....and thestupid lyrics... c' mon ... so corny and ordinary like any other r ave techno hit that goes nowhere and into who cares...z

Mar 16, 2013 (edited Mar 16, 2013 | 4:52 am)

Im really trying not to talk to anyone here lately...specifically girls...cause thats not why i come here....but ...this message is going to everyone as a promotional post from a fan ,..
i was really exited about this video back when it came out but seem geeky at the time to talk about it without really talking to anyone in peticular .
...but i still get exited to the point i wanna tell everyone about it.... and show my love for my idols...i looove this video cause is simple and inspiring to do it yourself ...plus the song is lovely and listen to it all the time ....girlsday is kicking butt ...i mean ...t-ara still up there on top with miss A...but what tha hell happened to 2ne1..? I think girlsday is my favorite now ..sorry 2ne1...


Mar 16, 2013 (edited Mar 16, 2013 | 4:25 am)

Great song for their comeback ..i cant believe they came up with a better song than "Don't flirt" ....my favorite after "oh my god"


Mar 02, 2013 (edited Mar 03, 2013 | 10:48 am)

....keep fighting for your goal ..and you'll see that sometimes the planing,...the wishing,..and the hoping to achieve your goal is more exiting than getting there and will keep you happy to know that you'll get there someday ...