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Aug 29, 2012

(I edited this on a purikura phone app)

Im addicted to purikura phone apps ;)

I finally got my first pair of Circle Lenses!!! and I love them! I wear contacts to correct my vision so when I found them (thanks to a friend of mine, Sarah, she just made a puricute btw-find her on my top friends) I was a bit worried. BUT I wear the circle lenses over my prescription clear contacts (probably not the best thing for my eyes but I only wear them on special occasions)
Im in love!!! They are grey btw, tried to find a neutral color but sometimes they look light blue.

May 16, 2012 (edited May 16, 2012 | 3:06 pm)

(Goofing Around)

Hey Puricuties! My room mate Donna joined Puricute!! add her and welcome her to Puricute (she's in my top friends, username: Jrock2goddess) ^-^ THNX

Feb 23, 2012


When I found Puricute back in late 2009(before contests ranking n stuff) I logged in any chance I could and tried to make so many friends and add lots and lots of pics.. then for a while(a year or so) I logged in less and less. from 5 times a day to every other day to once a week(more or less) to finally only a few times a month ._. sooo sorry to my friends I took too long to reply to, and sorry for cmnts that i never responded to :( buuuut I'm back ^-^ I want to log in more often and I've added a bunch of Pics and plan to add waay more ^-^ I don't have too much spare time with internet access (like I did back in school) but I'll do my best. soo Hello and Welcome to all experienced and new Puricuters ^-^

Feb 18, 2012

Does anybody what things exactly give you points and how many points they give you???
just curious.. (._____.)

Dec 29, 2011

Hey guys, I make and sell really cute accessories!! Please help me out and check out my FB page and website!! I really appreciate it